5 Easy to Do Winged Eyeliner Styles

5 Easy to Do Winged Eyeliner Styles

One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way, not to mention make you feel like a totally confident and chic. There’s really nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner look.It so sleek and pretty. Today I am going to share with you all 5 easy to do winged eyeliner styles. The most important thing while doing a winged eyeliner look is getting the wing right. The simplest way is to use a felt pen tip liner, it is easy to use and helps in getting precision. If you do not have a felt pen tip liner, you can use a gel/liquid liner or even your kajal pencil.

The Simple Wing 

winged eyeliner 2

winged eyeliner 3


Dramatic Wing

winged eyeliner 4


winged eyeliner 5

The Double Flick

winged eyeliner 7


winged eyeliner 6

The Extended Winged Liner Look

winged eyeliner 8


winged eyeliner 9

Double Wing

winged eyeliner 10

winged eyeliner 11

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