Adlabs Imagica Review


Adlabs Imagica is the newest theme park on the block. Located at Khopoli, midway between Pune and Mumbai, it can easily be termed as India’s Disney Land. Well if you have been to any of the Disneyland or Universal Studios around the globe you will surely notice a hint of similarity with the rides but Adlabs Imagica is a smaller version. Adlabs Imagica is nowhere near the size of either Disneyland or Universal Studios. It is still under construction (at least thats what the park authorities say) so maybe we should give it some more time before passing a judgement on that particular point. Adlabs is a theme park not an amusement park. Along with crazy roller coasters and rides, it boasts of some amazing animation shows and simulation rides too.So here is my Adlabs Imagica Review.


Imagica Adlabs Review


The park is divided into 6 zones or themes that named after regions of the world namely India, Arabia, Americana, Viva Europa, Asiana and Jambo Africa. All the attractions in a particular zone correspond to the theme of the zone. Now we went in mid August’13 and almost all the attractions were up and running at that time except one crazy roller coaster in the Americana zone (sorry don’t remember the name). So let me give you a sneak peak into the attractions in all the zones. Lets start with India.


This zone has more simulations and shows than rides itself. Like, for instance, the Mr India ride, this simulation ride involves getting into a car that rises, dips and swerves in tandem with the film being shown on a large screen in which Mr. India and company chase Mogambo all around Imagica. I personally love simulation rides and this one didn’t disappoint me either. It is a fun ride. Then there is I for India which is basically is a short movie shows you the sights and scenes of India but not in a conventional way. You are made to buckle up in your seats, which is then taken about 3-4 floors high at least and then the show begins. We had to stand in a long queue for this one and what we saw wasn’t that awesome or out of the world. So maybe you can give it a miss if you are low on time. The curse of Salimgarh is basically a haunted house which you discover sitting in your ride car. The less I tell you about it the better because I don’t want to spoil the surprise element of this attraction.Then there is Wrath Of The Gods which is basically a live show with water, fire, air and sound. In the beginning it seemed disappointing but my opinion changed soon. It was quite interesting live show . Lastly, centrepiece is the Imagica Capital, a blue and white castle which is basically a rip off of Snow White’s palace in Disneyland.


Imagica Adlabs Review


Next lets talk about Arabia. This zone only has two attractions – one the regular carousel (named as magical carousel though), we found ourselves to be too old to ride this one. and the other Alibaba and Chalis Chor which is an interactive game in the dark, where you cruise around a cave shooting thieves with a laser gun and compete to find Alibaba (if you manage to do so you get a special prize). It is an entertaining ride and being in air conditioning just makes it even better.


Then there is Americana, this section has all those scary rides which adventure junkies love. There is Gold Rush Express it  has a Wild West-themed set with fake cacti, a saloon and a ride that transports you to the time of the great gold rush and if you walk few steps up you find a looong roller coaster (yes it is one of the longest roller coaster I have rode in India).This ride  drops you from the height of 66 feet and send you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines at a thrilling speed of 65 km/h.Super fun ride. My husband loved it so much that he actually went on it twice. Then there is Dare to Drop, in which you can enjoy a free fall from the height of 132 feet. Loved this one too. Lastly there is Scream Machine pushes you 148 feet above the ground before dropping you, only to be raised again like a pendulum in the other direction before another terrifying drop-  back and forth – while rotating. It was so scary to look that I did not have the courage to experience it first hand. One more roller coaster in this section was under construction, hopefully they will open it soon.


Imagica Adlabs Review


Viva Europa section has the most numbers of operating rides, many of them are for kids like Lochness Explore– a small water coaster, or Tubby Takes Off. Then there is Bandits of Robin Hood, a mini roller coaster that makes your stomach leap but ends too soon. The other two rides in this section are water rides- Bump It Boats , a water version of bumping cars with water guns, so not only can you bump into other rafts but also make people wet. It is a simple no thrill ride but still fun, especially on a hot day. Splash Aloy is a total wet ride, you sit in a boat with water guns and travel around a round path trying to attack people with water- aim of the ride- get wet and make others wet. So if you don’t have spare clothes or are not fond of fun in water give it a pass.


Imagica Adlabs Review


Asiana has two attraction –Prince of Dark Water which is a 360 degree dome where you can see an animated mermaid movie. The graphics are world class and the kids will definitely love it. Whereas Deep Space (which is claimed to be) India’s fastest roller coaster is a roller coaster in the dark.This dark coaster shoots you to crazy speeds in a matter of mere seconds.There are two 360 turns too. All of it happens so fast that there is hardly any time to experience fear too. A must try for all the adrenaline junkies out there.


Lastly The Jambo Africa section which has Rajasaurus river Adventure – a Dinosaurus based ride which ends in you being dropped into water (yes you do get wet in this one too) and the Mambo Chai Chamma which means ‘crazy tea party’ is a classic tea cups attraction with a twist. True to its name, this ride has tea cups spinning around in frenzy. Overall both the rides in this section is decently entertaining.


Adlabs Imagica Review


Adlabs has 4 restaurants, but food is a disappointment. We ate at the food court, the food from the chaat counter there was still good, rest of them was below par. Overall Adlabs Imagica is still work in progress, there is a hotel coming up and a water park too which may be fully functional by next year. But still what Adlabs offers till now is fun. It has plenty of rides for kids so it is good place to have a picnic with kids. It is not crowded as Essel World, we had to wait for 30 minutes for only 2-3 rides, for the rest of the rides, waiting time was less than 5 minutes. Also, I felt much safer in the rides. I would suggest that anyone should visit Adlabs Imagica on a week-day to avoid rush. We could complete all rides by 5 pm, I enjoyed my trip a lot and do plan to visit it again. Go there with a group of friends or kids and you will surely have a gala time and do comment on your experience.


Park timings : 11am to 9pm (rides close at 8 pm)

Tickets :

 Weekday : Adults : Rs. 1200, Children Rs. 900 (All Rides Included).

 Weekend : Adults: Rs. 1500, Children: Rs. 1200.

 Imagica Express : (Only For Weekends, Special pass to avoid queues) Adults : Rs. 2200, Children : Rs. 1900

 How To Reach Adlabs Imagica : 30/31, Sangdewadi, Pali-Khopoli Road,, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Tal-Khalapur, Dist-Raigad,Khopoli, Maharashtra 410206.

Take a left after the first toll towards Pune on Mumbai – Pune Expressway, and sign- boards will guide from there. It took about 2.5 hours from Powai, we started around 8 am on a weekday.



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