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Rangoli is a traditional Indian art consisting of bright colours, it is basically decorative design which all Indians made inside and outside the house during festivals. Rangoli can be made out of colours – easily available in all markets during festive season or flowers. Rangoli’s made out of colour obviously last longer than those made of flowers, but the beauty and the fragrance of the one made of flowers is unparalleled. With Diwali round the corner, you all must be looking for rangoli designs to make at your home. So I am sharing some beautiful rangoli designs made out of flowers.





1. This is a floral pattern of rangoli using petals of different flowers like roses, daisies, different coloured marigolds and much more.The petals have been made to look interesting by using different colours in a single petal. The center portion has been highlighted by giving it a dark green background and giving it a brighter look against the light colours.The flower shape has been given a twist with the emphasis on the heart shaped patternsThe use of purple, orange and yellow together makes a unique yet beautiful combination.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 1


2. This rangoli looks simple but is very intricate.The use of different complementing colours, going from light to dark creates a beautiful affect.The flower pattern in the center gets more prominent due to the highlighting using yellow and orange in the center.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 3


3.This rangoli makes use of the different colour of marigold as well as lotus buds in the center. The lotus bud design heightens the beauty of this design. The use of purple in between orange and yellow adds to the contrast. A simple yet pretty design which you all can easily make at your homes.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 4


4. Another design combining the different shades of marigold with purple flowers. Addition of a little green leaves/flowers gives it a beautiful look. This one too is a very simple design which you all can surely try this diwali.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 5


5.  A very bright and beautiful rangoli design with the predominant use of orange and yellow marigold petals.The white flower petals and red rose petals add to its beauty. The Rangoli created around the Diya stand justifies its cause and attracts everyone’s attention.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 6


6. An amazing rangoli design using pink, white, yellow, orange and blue flower petals.This design is basically a flower inside another flower.The smaller flower in the center uses pink, yellow and blue petals to give a lovely contrasting look, the diya stand in the centre enhances the whole design.Overall you can definitely try this one at home this diwali.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 7


7. An easy and simple design made with yellow marigold and white rajnigandha flowers along with some green leaves/grass and purple flowers. The use of nine whole lotus flowers in the center completes this pretty design.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 8


8. This is definitely the most intricate yet beautiful design I have come across till now.There are many colours used. All colours are mainly flower petals and the petals are used to create an illusion of shading. A magnificent creation.


rangoli-design-with-flowers 9


9. This design makes use of whole flowers instead of using only the petals. It is quite unique and we feel this is suitable for those who want to make a quick yet beautiful rangoli this diwali.





10. Personally I love this design the most out of all I have mentioned.Petals of many colours have been used. The beautiful peacock in the centre followed by the whirlwind pattern in the end which resembles a ground chakra (a diwali firework) adds to its beauty. The use of complementing and contrasting colour increases the beauty of this rangoli design.


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