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Hi Girls, I am Setu Rohini from The NailArt and Beauty Diaries.I started my blog last year because I could not control my outpouring emotion for nail art :). I have always been fascinated with nails, I just did not realise that I will be smitten by nail art so deeply.I was contacted by Ruhi long time back, asking me to do some nailart tutorial for you guys. She was so sweet to give me my sweet time to finish this.


Let me start by attempting you to be befriend with nail art.Firstly, please throw the word “Difficult” out of window and please do not attach that mean word to ‘nail art’ till the time you are with me. It is not difficult or messy at all. You require “WILL” more than “SKILL” for nail art. It may just seem complex to third person, so you will just giggle in heart while people will compliment you for attempting something difficult 😛 😛
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Did you just say “Ya!! but I am not artistic for it? Let me tell you my hands are not steady or artistic either, but I am too crazy and intoxicated in my love for nail art that I care a damn for my shaky hands!!I just need to express on my nails, is all I know. Just keep your imagination hat on and see where it takes you 🙂
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Did you attempt to take a paas on me, thinking you are too busy?? I will not try to convince you here, because it is all about priorities. I will just share routine with you. I work as a Business Analyst for a leading Insurance Company and my job is demanding, most Saturdays working, some late sittings and some business travelling. It drains me out both mentally and physically. I have loads of responsibility at home too, I am married for around 3 years now. So all chores, responsibility and maid supervision suckss out remaining two cents of life juice. My husband is very supporting and helps me a lot to ease up my burden; which is biggest life saver.In between getting grocery,organising home, calling relatives, attending unsolicited guests; I make time for polish shopping, painting my nails, doing nail art (lots of failed ones too), clicking pictures, editing them, writing article, posting articles on my blog, replying emails & comments and more.So it not about being free enough to get into this but being busy enough and yet making time for it. And to clear your myth not all nail arts take time, I have finished many of may nail arts within 5-10 minutes 🙂 🙂


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And please do not tell that you can’t carry nail art to work. Firstly, there are zillion nail arts that can be taken to work gracefully and secondly,please cross your heart and say that you strictly wear “Formals” to work. I am sure each one of us has tweaked formals in our own sweet way; wore pinks, oranges and yellow kurtis to work. We have also wore sleeveless, neons and strappy stuff in disguise of ‘semi-formal’. We wear whatEVER makes us feel, without thinking about consequences 😛 😛 . Even, I was dead scared if my nail art will be accepted in my present office when I joined. However, I decided to wear it irrespective. But my super boss whom I dreaded the most , turned out to be my biggest supporter.:) . And she often refers me as ‘Super Talented’ 🙂 :).
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Nail art is choosing to be unique. It is about exercising the option to be expressive than being muted.It is about chosing your nails to say your mind.

Now, what could you expect out of this series?


I will be taking you through a series of nail arts designs and techniques for which you do not require expertise or tools.This will demitsify another fear that nail art is expensive or requires investment. Ruhi has also asked me to do a post or two covering basic nail art tools and how to use them. But I have decided to bring them in middle of the series when you are pally with nail art since I dont want to scare you with jargons and complexity 🙂
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Please let me know if you wish to see or learn any specific technique or pattern. Feel free to ask me, request me and even complain if you do not find the series useful.I have not pin pointed every nail art I am going to cover in the series for the simple reason that I do not want to loose the flexibilty. And I do not want to be the one deciding and enforcing nail arts on you, it should come from you.You can visit my blog to know more about me and my nail art. If you like something on my blog, just let me know, I will re-create a tutorial for you 🙂


Image Credit  : Nail Art Quotes by Rina.( I am huge huge fan of her free hand nail art.

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