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Nail art as a concept is very popular and people love to enhance their nails with creative designs and using different art forms. Many of us admire Nail art but are scared to do it on our own nails because we think it is a complex art. Well creating a nail art design is simpler than you thought but it needs patience and practice. So here is a list of simple yet beautiful nail arts you can give a try.


Chevron Tip Nail Art


Things Required : Two nail polishes (I am using blue and black here) of contrasting colours, a white nail polish, a base coat, a top coat and a toothpick

  • First apply the base coat
  • Once the base coat dries completely, apply a coat of bluepolish. (or any other colour of your choice) Repeat this the second time too.
  • In order to create a chevron tip, take black polish and stoke it in diagonal position from the left side of the nail. Fill the remaining part of the nail below the diagonal and repeat the same stroke from the right side of the nail.

nail art

  • When the nail polish dries,use a toothpick to place some big white dots on tips.
  • To give a finishing touch, dip a toothpick in blue polish and draw a dot inside each white dot on all fingers.


nail art

  • Now apply the top coat.


Colourful Polka Dots Nail Art


Things Required : Base coat , few nail polishes of different colour and a toothpick


Nail Art Polka Dots

  • Apply the base coat
  • Once it dries apply nail paint of any colour you desire
  • Once it dries, using a toothpick make diagonal dot lines on the nail.Do this with different colours to give a coloured effect.You can also make polka dots of the same colour and biger size.


The Bow Nail Art


Things Required : Three nail paints (I am using blue, silver and black here) and a thin paint brush or toothpick


nail art bow

  • Apply the blue nail paint  as the base colour
  • Once it dries, paint the upper left side of your nail using the silver nail paint in a semi circle form.
  • Once it dries, make a bow (using the black nail paint) on the edge of the semi circle with the help of a paint brush or toothpick.


Diagonal Half and Half Nail Art


Things Required : Two Nail Paint (I am using blue and black here) and top coat


nail art diagonal


  • Apply the blue nail paint  as the base colour.
  • Once it dries,paint upper left side of your nail with the black nail paint diagonally.
  • Apply top coat.


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