Fame Presents Lakme School Of Style

Fame Presents Lakme School Of Style

Lakme is one of the most ground breaking beauty brand in India, it epitomizes beauty and fashion. Their reach extends from masses to classes. Adding to their innovative portfolio Lakme recently launched Lakme School Of Style in collaboration with #Fame – one of India’s finest you tube channels.#Fame is a platform for talented individuals to display their skills to the world through fun and informative videos. Be it comedians, musicians,chefs or fashionistas you will find them all here. From the newbies to the experienced, #fame talent management is designed to help talent grow. VJ Andy, Maria Goretti , Miliand Soman, Anushka Dandekar and many other celebs are also part of the network and joining them with Lakme School of Style is Karan Johar.


Lakme School of Style is India’s first fashion video magazine. It is first of its kind show that not only brings the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process also creates new age fashionistas and idols.A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself  bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen. This means #fame Lakme School Of Style brings the style and fashion perspective from some of the most fashionable people but from the point of normal everyday people.

Karan Johar has himself selected some of the most finest Vloggers across the country to contribute towards the magazine via short refreshing and interesting fashion, make up, beauty and relationships videos. These fabulous bloggers are going to teach the world how to get their chic on in the easiest possible ways.From fun DIY videos to informative interviews, silly shopping escapades to amazing fun grooming tip,you got it all here and all this style and fashion is not limited to women only, they have loads of content about men too making the Lakme School Of Style a one stop digital magazine to get your daily dose of info about fashion trends and beauty secrets.

One of my absolute favorite videos from this channel is The Best Ever Contouring Tutorial by Sahibba K. Anand. She explains all the do’s and don’t of contouring and highlighting in this simple to understand and easy to do video. That too under 5 minutes. Most of us tend to do some fatal mistakes while contouring our faces, but this video will help you learn the art of perfect contouring in 4 minutes. Watch it here

The first season of LakmeSchool of Style will last for six months and content will be served through digital videos on a daily basis. #Fame network is available  on all leading digital and social platforms including YouTube (youtube.com/fameschoolofstyle), facebook (facebook.com/famesos),etc.

So what are you waiting for, go subscribe to the channel now and become a part of this amazing fashion world !!!

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