Hearts and Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

I’m very excited for my first ever nail art tutorial. Actually, I’m much into nail arts these days and I love doing it without tools. I have always loved funky designs and mellow colors on nails. What appeals to me the most are animated designs with a degree of ‘cuteness’ in it. So, here’s a tutorial that shows my love for heart shapes and polka dots!

gold nail art

Beside the nail paints, all I’ve used in this nail art is a dried-up ball pen and a piece of cardboard paper. It’s quirky, fun and above all very easy and quick. Let’s go through the steps!

 Materials required

  • Golden nailpaint
  • Red nailpaint
  • Maroon nailpaint
  • Coral nailpaint
  • Pink nailpaint
  • Cardboard paper
  • Dried-up ball pen
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail polish remover


  • Paint all your nails with the golden nail color and allow them to dry for 1-2 minutes. I’ve applied 2 coats here.

gold nail art -1

  • Meanwhile, take a small piece of cardboard paper and cut out a heart shape out of it. You can cut out any of your favourite shapes like stars, triangles, squares and so on. 

gold nail art-2

  • Place that piece of paper at the middle of your nail and hold it firmly. 

gold nail art -4

  • Apply nail paint over it and then remove the paper carefully.

gold nail art 5

  • Similarly, repeat it for all the fingers using various colored nail paint. I’ve used red paint for the thumb and middle finger; maroon nail paint for index finger and little finger and pink nail paint for the ring finger. 

gold nail art - 6

  • As soon as the heart shapes dry, it’s time to use the dried-up ball pen to make polka dots on it. I made random dots with the coral nail paint for all my fingers except for the ring finger, where I’ve used maroon nail paint to make the polka dots. 

gold nail art - 7

gold nail art - 8

And there we go! My super cute hearts and polka dots nail art is ready!!!Hope you try this too and feel glad with the results just the way I did! 

gold nail art - 9


Author: Geetanjali Bharali

I'm Geetanjali Bharali basically from Assam, residing in Pune. I'm a graduate in B.Sc. Biotechnology and is presently pursuing Masters Degree in English from Pune University. Writing, blogging, posing for pictures, good food, shopping and traveling across is what I live life for. I love to dress in street styles and discover new horizons in fashion and lifestyle. I'm a kohl, matte lipstick and junk-jewellery addict. In short, I'm a star gazer and a bird watcher too, who love to lure in an illusion world of my own!

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