How To Pick The Right Foundation For Your Face

How To Pick The Right Foundation For Your Face

A great foundation is a must for flawless-looking skin, but it’s tricky to get it right.Most of us solely choose a foundation based on our complexion but it is not the only factor to look into while picking up a perfect foundation. There are various other important factors which you must be taken into considering while picking the right foundation for your face.

How To Pick The Right Foundation for Your Face1

Finding the best foundation for your skin type

When choosing a foundation it’s best to know your skin type. Foundations are formulated for oily, dry, mature, normal, sensitive skin. Most of the times your skin type changes with the change in weather, so keep that in mind too.Choose a mat finish or oil-free liquid or powder foundation if you have oily skin.Choose a moisturizing or hydrating cream or stick foundation if you have dry skin.Choose a hypoallergenic and scent-free foundation if you have sensitive skin or Choose a powder foundation if you have combination skin.This will help keep your face healthy while also giving you the most flawless look possible. All it takes is a quick glance at the package to figure out if the foundation will work for you or not.

What are you trying to hide?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself before buying a foundation.You want a foundation that masks large pores or that evens out your complexion, the one which hides minor imperfection or the one which hides your fine lines/brown spots ?? The exact needs you have will determine which bottle of foundation you pick up.

Do you want dewy or matte skin?

Different foundations give different finish. While choosing a foundation you must decide what kind of finish are you looking for – dewy or matte? If you are looking for a bit of glow, go for creamy foundation. You may also have to mix and match a little bit to get the exact product you’re looking for.Mostly packaging of the foundation contains details about the various finish.

Matching shade to your skin tone

This definitely is the most important aspect while choosing a foundation.The point of foundation is to give you an even look that hides imperfections and makes you look fabulous. That isn’t going to happen if you have a shade of foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone.The best foundation is the one that disappears into your skin. Foundation isn’t supposed to be seen: it’s supposed to provide an even canvas on which to work. So you need to test the colors – you can do this on the inside of your wrist or Use the swatches on your jawline to determine which foundation blends in best with your skin.

Keep in mind your skin’s undertone

While the surface of your skin can change color because of many things, such as exposure to the elements or acne, but your undertone will always stay the same. So choose a foundation depending upon your skin’s undertone.For cool undertones: choose a foundation with a rose, red, or blue base, and consider shades like cocoa, rose, sable, and porcelain.For warm undertones: choose a foundation with a gold or yellow base, and consider shades like caramel, golden, tan, chestnut, and beige.For neutral undertones: consider shades like buff, nude, ivory, or praline.

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