Kajal Wars : Maybelline Colossal Vs Lakme Eyeconic Vs L’oreal Kajal Magique

Over the years, people have been fighting over the fact whether Maybelline Colossal is a better kajal or is Lakme Eyeconic takes that crown, now with he entry of Kajal Magique from L’oreal in this territory, its become a fierce three way battle. Many of you keep on asking me about which one of the three is the best or which one do I recommend, well so today I thought of doing a quick comparison between the three, which will help you choose better.

Maybelline Colossal Vs Lakme Eyeconic Vs Loreal Kajal Magique


Though all three kajals come in retractable tubes , Loreal kajal magique is definitely the most attractive to look at – a chic electric pink and black packaging wins hands down over the yellow  tube of Maybelline Colossal kajal and the black & turquoise  tube of lakme eyeconic.Packaging is definitely not a factor while choosing a kajal, however I thought I will still let you know

Winner : L’oreal Kajal Magique


The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about kajals is its intense black colour,  though lakme has recently launched its range of colourful kajals, nothing beats a black kajal, you will find it in every woman’s handbag. Maybelline colossal is the darkest of the three, one swipe gives you intense black colour. Lakme Eyeconic  comes a very close second . L’oreal kajal magique is the weakest of the three, it needs 2-3 swipes to build the colour to its full intensity.

Winner : Maybelline Colossal. 


All three kajals have a decently smooth texture and glides on easily.Loreal Kajal Magique is definitely creamier and easier to apply than Maybelline Colossal,  however Lakme Eyeconic has the best texture out of the three, it is very smooth and creamy and glides on the eyelids easily without tugging.

Winner : Lakme Eyeconic.


Personally I have faced a huge problem of breakability with both Maybelline Colossal and Lakme Eyeconic. Both the kajals are very soft  and at times when I try to apply them on my upper lashline a huge chunk of the kajal breaks apart, which is disappointing. I haven’t faced the same problem with L’oreal Kajal Magique. I have been using it for 15-20 days and it hasn’t broken off even once.

Winner : L’oreal Kajal Magique.

Staying Power

I have applied all three kajals on both my upper lash line and my lower water line on a regular basis. Loreal Kajal Magique and Lakme Eyeconic stays on my waterline for 2 hrs to 2.5 hrs. Maybelline Colossal  starts fading after an hour or so. However , if we talk about the upper lash line, I find Lakme Eyeconic  to be the best. It stays on my upper lash line for a good 10 hours. Maybelline Colossal starts fading in 5-6 hours and so does Loreal Kajal Magique

Winner : Lakme Eyeconic  

Smudge Proof

All three kajals are smudge proof. Lakme Eyeconic wins the battle in this area from Maybelline Colossal but very marginally. Loreal Kajal Magique doesn’t smudge considerably either however out of the three it smudges the most.

Winner : Lakme Eyeconic.

Easy removability

Removing make up at the end of the day is of utmost importance. If you are using a regular eye make up remover (non oil based) like me , then you will find Lakme Eyeconic the most difficult to remove. It usually leaves behind kajal residues. However if you have a strong remover, you will not find this problem. Maybelline Colossal is the easiest to remove out of the three.

Winner : Maybelline Colossal


  • Maybelline Colossal : Rs 175
  • Lakme Eyeconic : Rs 199
  • Loreal Kajal Magique : Rs 245

Maybelline Colossal Vs Lakme Eyeconic Vs Loreal Kajal Magique

Overall if you ask me to choose, I would say Lakme Eyeconic is my favourite kajal out of the lot. It has an intense dark colour, stays long and does not smudge too, yes it is difficult to remove the same with an ordinary make up remover, but that is manageable.

What do you think of these Kajals, which one is your favourite ??? Do let me know


Author: The Blah Queen

Hey , I'm Ruhi. I'm here to share some of my insights about Make Up, Beauty, Fashion, And Food . Do contact me here for any queries-PR-feedback.

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  1. I don’t know why, but yes. I just read this. 😀

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  2. Recently got eyeconic! Loving it! Its so smooth and creamy! Lovely comparison post dear :)

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  3. What about ingredients/composition ..I mean which one is safest or.. least harmful?

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  4. i think Loreal kajal magic is better than this three.

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  5. i’ve used all 3… i find loreal to b the best !! lakme is just too dry and doesnt stay fr long while colossal spreads alot !!

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    • I agree that Loreal is good, but unfortunately it does smudge the most out of the three whenever I apply.

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  6. My eyes are very watery. I have used colossal till now n it gets washed away within 1 hr. But one thing is good that it gets washed away n does not smudge.

    Smudging is a total no no.

    What will you suggest out of 3?

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    • Hey, I will definitely suggest Lakme eyeconic, it smudges the least out of the three and stays pretty long too. But if your eyes water a lot after applying kajal, you may be allergic to it, so please be careful :)

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  7. Hey All

    For Smudge free Kajal, also try out AVON – Glimmerstick.
    It stays long and dnt smudge


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  8. Which eyeliner out of the three is the most safest….
    I mean like which one of those is herbal .
    Plz reply quickly so I can buy the product ..thnx

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    • Hey Kina, non of them is Herbal, but Kajal Magique, does not sting me eye at all, so in that respect I would suggest Kajal Magique

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  9. I want 2 buy a good kajal.bt now i’m confused.

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    • There are so many criterias. You should choose a kajal depending upon what is the most important criteria to you. I always suggest lakme eyeconic. Its my personal favourite :)

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  10. Great review! I had considered trying the L’Oreal because I’d heard a few good things about it, but now I think I’ll just stick with my Lakme Eyeconic. The Maybelline was okay for me, but smudged like crazy for some reason. The Lakme is my current favorite kajal. I like it so much that I buy it online and have it shipped to the USA. :)

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    • Wow Jessica, thats great !! i love lakme too :)

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  11. Wow!! Your comparisons are very in-depth and cover all the criteria. Very useful. Thanks.

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  12. Love ur posts Ruhi…
    N ur reviews are always so helpful to me…m using Lakme Eyeconic since last one n half yr n its really works grt fr my eyes.

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  13. My fav is colossal. Im using my 6th one right now

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    • Wow, I am still using my 3rd one 😛

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  14. Hi!!! very nice comparison….. gonna try a kajal…. i think eyeconic would suit me because i have oily eyelids :( which one would you suggest me……???

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    • Personally I love eyeconic so would suggest you that only !! Maybelline smudges on my oily eyelids 😐

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  15. U didnt tell which one is the safest to use and this is the most important thing I wanted to know

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    • Hey Gulnaaz,Loreal kajal magique does not sting the eyes at all, if you wear lens maybelline and eyeconic may sting a little. So if that is the kind of safety you are asking about. If anything else lemme know

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  16. Have been a colossal loyalist so long but now planning to get one eyeconic after reading ur blog!!

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    • Ohh great, tell me all about your experience :)

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  17. This is a great post! My colleague and I sat and read the whole thing (lousy Tues afternoon @ work you see :-/) as we were analysing the best Kajal one can use that tops in all aspects :)
    I have been a Colossal loyalist and always shy away from buying Eyeconic. Too tempted to buy Magique but I wouldn’t for now.

    Instead go for Eyeconic :)

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    • Thanks shilpa, I hope you like eyeconic, let me know your views once you use it !!

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  18. I have used all three kajals. At the end of the day loreal black magique gives me the total satisfaction. Maybelline I have ended breaking and breaking due to its texture and it was a total waste for me. But loreal never broke and stays matte. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  19. I use all 3, one i have in my office bag, one @ home, other one in my pouch…

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