Make Up Tutorial : Rainbow Eyes

Its been a while since I posted a make up tutorial, just tied up with other things  it seems. Anyways now I am back, with one of my favourite eye looks. The Rainbow Eyes. Rainbows are the stuff of unicorns, magic, and miracles. The beauty of colours is pure isn’t it?? Bright colours are so in this season, hence this is a perfect look for a fun night out. You may have seen a lot of  pictures and tutorials of rainbow eyes all over the internet and I am quite sure the instant reaction to it must be, how pretty but how difficult it must be to create this look. In reality its quite opposite, rainbow eyes is quite simple to create, all you need are some pretty bright eye shadows. A few points to note before trying any make up look is to prime your eyes. This will prevent creasing throughout the day and also help the colors show up brighter. Next if you have dark circles or uneven skin tone around your eyes, always use a concealer, once this is done, you are ready to create beautiful rainbow eyes.

Make Up Tutorial : Rainbow Eyes

(PS. Sorry for the crazy eyebrows in the picture)

Step 1 – Apply a white eye shadow base all over your lid.This helps is bringing out the brightness in the colours more.

Step 2 – Using a small eye shadow brush, apply a red eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye.Pat on your shadow as opposed to dragging it on,this will help to avoid fall out

Step 3 – Next apply an orange eye shadow,next to the red,blend the edges into the red, making sure that there isnt a hard line between colors.

Step 4 – Apply the yellow eye shadow next, in the same fashion.Make sure to blend the yellow into orange.


rainbow eyes

Step 5 – Apply a bright dark green shadow next to the yellow and the blend the hard edges.

Step 6 – Apply the blue eye shadow next. Blending with green as mentioned above.

Step 7 – Lastly apply a purple eye shadow, creating a winged look.Make sure you blend well, leaving no harsh edges.

Step 8 – Apply a black liquid or gel eye liner on upper lash line.Make sure to make a thin line and a wing in the end.Clean all the fall outs.

rainbow eyes1

Step 9 – Finally apply two coats of mascara, and your rainbow eyes are ready.

rainbow eyes 3

rainbo eyes 2

Teamed it up with some nude brown blush and nude pink lip gloss

rainbow eye cl

rainbow eyes cl1

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  1. You totally aced this look! Its beautifully done nd you look so very adorable 🙂

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  2. Pretty! Loved the detailed tutorial 🙂

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