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Love is a complex thing. All over the years, I have seen so many people fall in love and even more fall out of love. Some love stories end up in great success, happiness and content while others just end..leaving behind a number of  sad, bitter and heartbroken people.Well this post is for the second type of people, the ones who have faced failure in love.


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Yes, heartbreak is though, and it takes a lot of time to forget the past. The memories of happier times always seem to linger around making you more unhappy.All you can think about is the warmth and love you felt with this particular person, how happy you were…and you somehow convince your heart that you are never going to feel the same way for anyone again, that your life has come crashing down and you will never be happy again.But this is so not true. Yes, you cannot fall in love with any or every person you date or meet but that doesn’t mean that love happens only once.


The first and the most important part in finding new love is letting go of your old one.Some relationships are not meant to be, be it your fault or your partner’s.I have seen relationships fail where neither of the partner was at fault too.But you got to understand, whatever the reason be…its over and there is no point crying over spilt milk beyond a point. 


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I agree moving one is not so easy and it does take time but do not get  engrossed into whats lost. Don’t mourn over a ruined relationship for so long that in the meanwhile you start losing your existing relationships too.Some people are are go into so deep depression and mourning because of a failed relationship, that they start avoiding their friends and relatives and with each passing moment they start losing a part of those relationships too. No one will wait for you forever. If you stop talking and going out with your friends post your break-up, they will understand your state of mind and give you a shoulder to  cry on ,for a month, two months, three months or maybe even six months but post that they will start distancing themselves from you too. No one wants to spend time with a sad,unhappy and depressed person who constantly rues over the fact that he/she failed in love.


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A failed relationship is just one little chapter in your book of life,it is not the book itself. There are many more chapters, waiting to be written, you just need to move on to the next page.Give life a chance to make you happy, and you will realize that what you finally got was much much better that what you lost.

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  1. Funny this is my second post of the day on letting go. I do believe this is one aspect of our life that needs more and more voices 🙂

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