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Sanjay Leela Bansali is the master of magnificent, larger than life movies and this time around he is back with Ramleela, which he claims to be his tribute to the greatest love story of all time ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Set in colourful Gujarat, the movie revolves around the life of Ram & Leela and their feuding families.







Ram (Ranveer Singh)- a outrageously outspoken and bold boy belonging to Rajadi clan sneaks into the house of  Leela (Deepika Padukone) –  belonging to the Sanada clan, on Holi and it is love (well maybe lust) at first sight. The catch here, Rajadi and Sanada clans are staunch enemies who believe in spraying bullets and shedding blood at each other any and every time. Unaffected by all the animosity, the couple is busy kissing, loving and dancing with each other (well most of the time kissing and talking in a really horny manner). However circumstances change when Ram kills Leela’s brother who in turn had killed Ram’s brother (sounds confusing eh!?, well there is lots of bullets and guns in this movie). The lovers are left with no other choice but to elope, far away from the world of goons. But, love is not that easy their families manage to find them and forcefully take them back to their villages. What follows is typical hindi masala movie drama..there is fighting, killing, humiliating other family’s women, politics etc etc. Well Bhansali in the very beginning mentions that  the movie is inspired by ‘Romeo & Juliet’ , so you know how it is going to end.




Ranveer Singh does fit well in his ‘chichora’ act. He plays his character with great energy and gusto. There is a rustic and earthy feel to him which fits very well with his character. Deepika looks stunning, and does very complete justice to her fiery character. Special mention of her dancing abilities (lovely garba sequences in the movie). Other character worth a mention are Supriya Pathak (as leela’s mother), Richha Chadda (as Leela’s sis in law) and Barkha Bisht (Kesar as Ram’s sis in law). All their performances are praise worthy.


Sanjay Leela Bansali does, what he does best, he presents a movie which is visually stunning. However he is always one dimensional when it comes to colours. In Sawaariya it was blue and in Ramleela its red.The movie has been shot beautifully.The songs are good (but too many and too often, specially in the first half).





Whats Good


The performances by all the actors in the movie are good, which is the highlight of the movie. As mentioned before, the movie has been shot beautifully. The sets are phenomenal. The chemistry between the lead pair is worth mentioning too (though it does it get a little cheesy and too horny at times).


Whats Bad


There are too many songs, specially in the first half. Infact in the first hour, you will feel there are more songs than dialogues in the movie. . Personally I felt , the editor has not done his job to his full capacity, it did seem a little long. Another weak link is the predictability in the storyline. The story itself is nothing new infact it the age old ‘boy girl love story with familes being the enemy track’. 




Ramleela may have got great reviews by the critics but personally I would consider it just a one time watch, it is definitely better than Sanjay Leela Bansali’s last few films (Sawaariya and Guzaarish) but still has many flaws. Watch it for Ranveer & Deepika (I am sure their fans will love this movie) and the magnificent sets but if you are not into love stories with loads of guns and bullets, give it a pass.


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