Pastel Polka Dotted Nail Art Tutorial

Hello friends,

As the spring is springing up, I’m back with a refreshing nail art tutorial keeping it in lieu with the pastel colors of this season. I have used only two colors in this nail art – shimmery aqua blue and shimmery purple. It is one of the super easy nail arts I have ever done and it saves oh-so much of timeJ.

Things you need:

  • Shimmery aqua blue nail polish
  • Shimmery purple nail polish

(You can also use the matte ones)

Pastel Polka Dotted Nail Art Tutorial:

  • Apply the shimmery purple nail polish on the thumb, middle finger and little finger.
  • Then apply the shimmery aqua blue nail polish on the index finger and ring finger.


  • Let it dry for some time.
  • Keeping it in contrast, make tiny polka dots on your nail using the nail polish brush itself. 


  • For the nails paint in purple, draw aqua blue polka dots on them.
  • Similarly, for the nails paint in aqua blue, draw purple polka dots on them.

polka nail art

And my Pastel Polka Dotted Nail Art is ready! 

polka nail art 1

polka nail art 2 

Hope you all try it out and give your nails a dreamy touch. I’m sure you would like the ‘fantasy’ appeal of this nail art tutorial!

Author: Geetanjali Bharali

I'm Geetanjali Bharali basically from Assam, residing in Pune. I'm a graduate in B.Sc. Biotechnology and is presently pursuing Masters Degree in English from Pune University. Writing, blogging, posing for pictures, good food, shopping and traveling across is what I live life for. I love to dress in street styles and discover new horizons in fashion and lifestyle. I'm a kohl, matte lipstick and junk-jewellery addict. In short, I'm a star gazer and a bird watcher too, who love to lure in an illusion world of my own!

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  1. Very cute nail art! xo

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