Restaurant Review : The Irish House , Phoenix Market City Kurla

Restaurant Review : The Irish House , Phoenix Market City Kurla

The Irish House at Phoenix Market City Mall is one of the few pubs/lounge located at that mall. I have been planning to visit the place for sometime now and finally we visited the place on my husband’s birthday with a gang of friends. It was a weekday, so we expected the crowd to be on the lower side, but we were pleasantly surprised that quite a few tables were filled.This place is known for its happy hour – from 5 pm till 8:30 pm and is pretty crowded during that hour even on a weekday.

The decor is quite fun and funky. There is plenty of green to give that Irish touch. The seats were very comfortable, however I felt the tables were a little too cramped up. I loved the framed banners/quotes which are put up on the wooden wall. Overall the ambiance was great, specially the music. From rock to pop, they played it all and left u tapping our foot.

irish house

As far as food is concerned, we ordered Grande Nachos , Belafast BBQ wings and Grande Fries. The nachos was definitely the best of the lot. It is a must have if you visit this place. However the BBQ wings were kinda disappointing, there was too much sauce and something seemed to be off in the taste, the fries was pretty good. The drinks were limited to Mojito, Cosmopolitan and loads and loads of beer. Unfortunately, they did not have draught beer on that particular day. The cosmopolitan was very very good where as mojito was ok nothing extraordinary. The alcohol is not very expensive specially if you love beer and happen to visit this place during happy hours where all the drinks (except wine I think) is 1 + 1

The service was not so prompt the food took so long to reach the table, as we had to call for the waiters and staff to take the order nth number of times before they made an appearance. As far as pinch to the pocket is concerned , a meal for two would cost around Rs 2000.

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To sum it up The Irish House is good pub, if you are looking for cheap booze, the quality of food is pretty good (though they should have more veg options), however the service is quite disappointing which is a major let down.

(PS. So sorry for not uploading any food pics.We were so busy celebrating my husband’s birthday, that we forgot to click pictures)

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