Restaurant Review : Veda, Lower Parel , Mumbai

Restaurant Review : Veda, Lower Parel , Mumbai

Veda is quite a well known restaurant at Palladium and is suppose to be one of the ‘it’ places there. It serves Indian cuisine,and has several branches all over the country. BTW for those who did not know, it is owned by Rohit Bal (yes, I am talking about the fashion designer).

The first thing you notice about the place, is its beautiful decor, it feels like a silhouette, dimly lit with great use of red and gold. Pretty chandeliers and throne style sofas and chairs. It is a pleasure to the eye. Getting to the food. Personally I feel the menu is quite limited, especially if you looking for chicken dishes, there are hardly 5 chicken main course dishes, which is disappointing.

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We had ordered simple butter chicken masala , butter nan, mirch salan (without baingan) and veg biryani. Mirch Salan was definitely the best of the lot. It is a tangy yellow gravy dish. If you like sweet, sour and spicy all mixed in one kinda flavours, you will like this dish. Butter chicken masala, was just about ok. The chicken pieces were succulent, but unfortunately the gravy was too sweet for my liking. The biryani, too was nothing extraordinary, it was not bad but nothing special either.

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We visited this place on a Saturday evening, and sadly was appalled by the lack of interest the staff had in getting us seated. I stood at the entry for about 10 min, and no body came to attend us. I could see so many empty tables, but all the staff and the manager was busy doing, I don’t know what even after I called them twice or thrice, they just didn’t care to listen or respond. It was highly unprofessional on part of an so called ace restaurant. When asked why was there no one to attend us, they simply said its a Saturday evening, so the restaurant is super busy, I mean was it their first Saturday evening service?? I thought they must be aware of such things.Other then initial debacle, the service was decent. Food came to our table quickly.Like, I said Veda is a premium restaurant, hence you gotto pay a premium rate for the food too :P. A meal for two costs about Rs 2000 roughly without drinks.

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Overall, I felt, there is too much hype about the restaurant. The food was nothing extra ordinary , it was just about alright. The decor was obviously visually very appealing. Personally, I had a bad experience with the service, and the food was nothing extra ordinary , it was just about alright. It is too much to pay for the kinda experience I had.

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