Restaurant Review : The Yellow Chilli, Powai

Restaurant Review : The Yellow Chilli, Powai

I have been wanting to try this restaurant for quite some time now as it belongs to the ace chef Sanjeev Kapoor, however thanks to my husband, who had a horrible experience at another branch, we never had the enthusiasm to try this one. Anyways last Sunday, we finally managed to visit it with a couple of friends.

The restaurant is divided into two areas – one inside and the other an open air area. We sat inside. The decor is nothing fancy, it is quite simple and crisp. Few paintings and printed curtains adorn the walls. The siting was quite comfortable. Surprisingly the restaurant was quite empty, compared to the fact that it was a Sunday and it is located in a prime location in Powai (maybe it caters more to the office crowd)

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As for the food – we skipped the starters and went for main course directly. We ordered Paneer taka tak, Puran Singh da tariwala murg and black dal, along with some naans, tandoori roti and aalu kulcha. I must say the black dal at this place is one of the best I have had in Mumbai. It reminded me of my Chandigarh days. Puran Singh da tariwala murg was a simple dhabba like chicken gravy dish, which tasted quite good. Unfortunately Paneer taka tak was a disappointment. The paneer was quite hard and did not taste good. As far as the breads are concerned I must say don’t try their alu kulcha, it was horrible, it seemed that the alu had turned rotten or something. A special mention for masala mint cooler – a great minty lemonade drink, one should definitely try.

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Anyways coming to the service, it was pretty alright. The staff was courteous, but it did take a while for the food to reach our table. It is actually not that expensive, as I thought it would be, a meal for two costs about Rs.1200. Over all The Yellow Chilli is an average restaurant, the food is a mixed bag, but the black dal is awesome but that alone would not induce me to visit it again

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