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While the Indian beauty industry was rejoicing the entry of BB creams to the circuit, Lakme surprised everyone with the launch of their first CC cream. You may ask what exactly is a Lakme CC cream and how do they differ from the BB creams flooding the markets?? Well CC stands for Color Correction and a CC cream is basically a next generation BB cream. While many users have complained that BB doesn’t work for all skin tones and and leaves an oily finish, Lakme CC cream aims to pick up where its predecessor left off. Its mousse-like texture blends easily and, supposedly, has a more “radiant” look. But the biggest difference is the addition of an ingredient that promotes collagen growth. Collagen gives the skin its strength, durability, and smooth, plump appearance. 

lakme cc cream review photos swatches

Well coming back to the Lakme CC cream, after visiting about 10 shops at various places I finally got hold of it at one of the Lakme counters at the Lifestyle store. (Yes, it was extremely difficult to find when it was just launched ). So here is what I have to say about this new innovative launch in the Indian Make Up And Beauty Industry.

 Lakme CC Cream : Product Description And Claims

Lakme describes it as a complexion care aka CC cream (no mention of color correction here) as an instant skin stylist. Basically a combination of  skin care cream with a hint of makeup, to give you the best of both world. Its skin care benefits include sun protection, moisturizing, brightening and freshness whereas its make up benefits are evening the skin tone and concealing. It has SPF of 20 which means that if you skin starts having sun-burn in 10 minutes, than it can give you protection for 200 minutes (Normal Sunburn Time x SPF).

It comes in two shades : Bronze (for the darker skin tones) and Beige (for fair to medium skin tones)

lakme cc cream review photo swatches

Lakme CC Cream Ingredients

Lakme CC Cream Ingredients

Lakme CC Cream Ingredients

Lakme CC Cream Price

  • Rs. 250 for 30 gm tube

My Lakme CC Cream Review

The packaging is appealing. It comes in a cute sandal/ light gold color tube with screw lid, which is very travel friendly.The simple no-fuss tube packaging is sturdy, convenient and easy to use.I got myself the beige variant, so I cannot vouch for what the bronze variant has to offer.

The texture of this cream is just perfect, it is neither too thin nor too thick. It blends with ease and gives a medium coverage. It easily conceals light blemishes but for darker marks you will need a concealer. Initially it may seem that you have applied something but in a few minutes looks quite natural.It has a soft matte finish and adds glow which lasts for about 4-5 hours. It did even out my skin tone pretty well and added an instant glow but it didn’t moisturize my skin well, especially few dry areas near my nose, where it looked patchy

As for the sun protection the CC cream only has SPF 20 and no PA++. So it only shields against UVB rays (responsible for burning i.e tanning) and not UVA rays (responsible for ageing).Now one more thing which I love about this CC cream is its smell.The soft lemongrass smell, which is indigenous to all lakme sunscreens is quite refreshing though it doesn’t linger long.

So for people with dry skin an additional moisturizer before applying the cream is a must otherwise it may not blend properly and cake up. As for people with oily skin, blending is no problem but you’ll need to control the shine with a compact powder after 2 hours or so.

lakme cc cream swatches

 The Positives

  • Good Packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Blends very easily and evens out skin tone
  • Gives a decent coverage
  • Gives a natural look
  • Decently priced.

The Negatives

  • People with dry skin need to  moisturize their skin before applying it
  • People with an oily skin, will need to touch up specially in hot weather
  • Not easily available (I had to wait a long time to get hold of one)


Over all the Lakme CC cream is an impressive cream. It brightens and evens out the skin tone pretty well. You will not feel the need of a foundation on a daily basis if you apply it. I would definitely recommend Lakme CC cream but keep in mind to choose the correct variant depending upon your skin tone.


Buy Lakme CC Cream from Lakme counters at Departmental Stores like Lifestyle or Pantaloons, they have testers which you can try, find the best suited option for your skin-tone. 

Author: The Blah Queen

Hey , I'm Ruhi. I'm here to share some of my insights about Make Up, Beauty, Fashion, And Food . Do contact me here for any queries-PR-feedback.

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  • My Unfinished Life

    I never thought much of BB creams either, so wont be trying this too!!

  • Shweta

    Very interesting and good review.. Can you tell me if CC cream will work for slightly dusky skin ?

    • The Blah Queen

      Yes, CC cream should work for dusky complexion too as Lakme CC cream comes in two shades unlike the BB creams, you can try their bronze shade which is meant for people with dusky complexion. But do try once before purchasing it as if the shade doesn’t suit your skin tone you may end up looking unnaturally fair/white.

      • prabhjot singh

        blah queen my skin is dry so can i use this lakme cc cream lakme cc cream can use on the pimples.

        • The Blah Queen

          Hi Prabhjot, Lakme CC Cream doesnt moisturize nicely, so you will surely need a extra moisturizer if you have a very dry skin.. Is your skin sensitive to creams ? than I would suggest to avoid creams.. Else should be fine but do visit skin specialists for pimples. They will surely help to cure them :)

  • Rashi

    Hey The Blah Queen, Loved your review… Especially the chemical analysis of the cream, though couldn’t understood it much :) :) Can you also clarify it’s is paid review ? Would you also review Garnier BB Cream for me ?

    • The Blah Queen

      Thanks Rashi, I don’t do paid reviews on the contrary I have to pay for the products :P:P…Garnier BB cream review is coming up shortly

  • shanaya

    is cc cream suitable for 17 yrs old girl..

    • The Blah Queen

      Well Well.. CC Creams are not Anti-Ageing creams so you can use them even if you are 17.. Its even better than a few whitening creams available in the market..

  • charu

    Hey…ws quit excited for this one..iv used bb cream bt dnt like it too I hav lot of blemishes n uneven skin ….will it help me …

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Charu, lakme cc cream provides a decent coverage, it will cover your light blemishes but if you have dark or loads of blemishes then you will have to use an extra concealer.I am sure it will help you acheive more even skin tone

      • roko desuza

        hey….i have oily skin with some acne and acne spots…so which one is better lakme cc or concealer???…

  • Mishti Chakraborty

    hey…i have oily skin and i have a pigmentation problem under my nose and lips…does CC cream works well on this???

    • The Blah Queen

      Lakme CC cream provides decent coverage, but it will not do away with your pigmentation problem completely. It works well with oily skin, but you will need to control the shine (specially the T-Zone) after 3-4 hours with a compact

  • Kalyani Sarma

    will this cream cover dark circles?

    • The Blah Queen

      Yes, it does help cover light dark circles but if you have heavy dark circles then you will need an extra concealer

  • Yonu Lokshom

    I have oily skin & lots of dark spot in my chicks, i use lakme Sunscreen for oily skin SPF 30, can i use CC cream with that or how to use.

    • The Blah Queen

      You can use this CC cream but it will not provide a lot of coverage for your dark spots, for that you will need a concealer. You can directly apply on your face after washing it or apply it after applying a serum, depending upon what your beauty regime is. However as your skin is oily you will need to control the shine specially in the T zone after 2 -3 hours with help of a compact.

  • Madhumita

    Which is better cc cream or mousse

    • The Blah Queen

      I definitely find cc cream better

  • Arina

    Hi Queen… i have Wheatish Skin complexion, so when i apply foundation it gives cakey look to my face, so i avoid using it and end up using only compact powder. So my question is would this CC cream solve my purpose and which variant would blend to my skin wheatish dusky skin ?

    • The Blah Queen

      Yes, CC cream works well as a foundation, and it doesn’t look cakey at all, I feel that Bronze shade will suit you more, but still It would be better if you try it out in one of the lakme counters at various malls to test which colour suits you better :)

  • njay

    hey… i have an oily skin so how can i control the shine in the T zone ??

    • The Blah Queen

      You can either use a blotting paper or a compact powder to mop up any excess oil during the day. For a more permanent solution, use an alcohol free toner and an oil free moisturiser. There are few products in the market specially to control the shine in the T zone you can try them too

  • honey

    does dis CC cream have any side effects??

    • The Blah Queen

      If your skin is prone to side effects, I wud suggest not to use any cream with fragrance including cc cream.

      My skin is normal, and I dint have any side effects.. I am using it for last few months..

  • Guest

    does this CC cream have any side effects??

  • ♔Saniya Mirza™

    Hey! I have a fair complexion. Due to pimples I have got spots and blemishes on my face. Would you recommend this cream or a concealer? If the latter one then plz recommend a few..

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Saniya, if you have prominent spots and blemishes, any cream will not help you hide it completely immediately, it is better you use a concealer…I find the MAC concealer the best…there is is one from colorbar too (which is a concealer + foundation) which is decent.

  • Madhubala Saxena

    can be bought easily online..

    • The Blah Queen

      yes it can be !!

  • archie khanna

    hey blah quenn! undoubtedly impressed with the cream’s review. but i have quite sensitive acne prone skin. so i am having second thoughts about trying the product. :| could you please suggest whether i should try it or not?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Archie..thanks !! Personally I don’t feel you will face any problem while using this cream, you can give it a try but it will not provide you strong coverage

  • Hester

    Wow, incredible blog format! How lengthy have you ever been blogging for?
    you made blogging glance easy. The overall look of your site is excellent, let
    alone the content!

  • Rashmi

    my skin is oily and i have a dusky complexion. Lakme Cc creame is soot for my skin or not pleasr tell me

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Rashmi…Lakme CC Cream will suit you but you will need to control the extra shine after 2 hours or so with a blotting paper or compact powder

  • Mahi

    please tell me about lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum n who can use this product i mean which type of skin

  • sayani

    Might break out people with acne prone skin

    Butylene Glycol is mildly comedogenic
    Dimethicone is mildly comedogenic
    Palmitic Acid is comedogenic
    Stearic Acid is comedogenic
    Zinc Oxide is mildly comedogenic

    • The Blah Queen

      But all this ingredients are usually present in all creams this days !

  • sumaira

    i had pimples nd spots on ma nw it has gone..rcntly i wnt to bankok …nd sum how my cmplexion gt darker nd i had tan on ma chin or shoud i say de lower end of my mouth…
    will this cream cause pimples ir ny other problem…??
    will the fairness stay only f da tym being or will i get fairer??

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Sumaira…this cream should not cause any pimples and as far as fairness is concerned, I believe no cream can make anyone fairer, its a beauty cream with a hint of foundation hence makes you look just a little fairer (for the time being) just like a foundation would do

  • rupal

    Heyy Blah Queen, Thanks for your lovely Review………. but my main problem is that i am having an uneven skin tone……….so can i use this product….will be there any side effect???????

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Rupal, you can use this product and there should not be any side effects until and unless you are allergic to some of the ingredient in the cream

  • Divya

    Heyya blah queen!
    Am plannin’ to use lakme CC cream but still li’l confused abt it. I’ve heard much abt BB creams too, so also thot of using pond’s BB cream. Can u plz tel me, among BB creams n CC creams wich one is bettr? To describe abt my skin… I’ve a T-combination skin… has some sunburns upon it.
    Can u plz help me out?

    • The Blah Queen

      You should try Lakme CC cream, its better than most budget BB creams available in the Indian market

  • sazia

    hellooo….thanq for d wonderful review on d product, i wud like to knw dat do i hav to apply a concealer/ foundation or jus d cc cream is fine for a wedding look.

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey sazia, you will definitely need to apply a concealer and may be a foundation too (depending upon how uneven your skin is, or if you have dark spots/marks) for a wedding look, for a casual look only cc cream works well

  • shruthi

    Hey I have very few reddish scars on my face that to its visible in sun so my question is will this cc cream work good for me or I should go for foundation

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey shruthi, if the scars are not very deep, CC cream should work just fine for you :)

  • shruthi

    will it cause pimples again cc cream ??

    • The Blah Queen

      No, It should not cause pimples, I have been using it for months now and have not faced any problem of that sort !!

  • shruthi

    thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    hellow mam..actully mri skin bht dull h..dark crcls, problm.thik n hote…lakme cc cream mujh use krni chaiye?????

    • The Blah Queen

      You can use CC cream, it will give you an instant glow and some coverage but if you heavy dark circles and pigmentation, you need to use an concealer too :)

  • gagan

    Hey blah queen my skin is little bit dry .so can i use lakme cc cream. also tell which variant i should use?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Gagan, if you skin is dry,it would be better if you apply a moisturiser before applying the Lakme CC Cream , as far as choosing the variant is concerned, that will depend on your skin tone, as I don’t know about that I will not be able to help you on that point :)

  • Tulika

    Jum ye janna chahte h ki kon si lakme cc.hme use krni chaiye.
    Upr maine pdha k do shade h ek beige or ek bronz. Meri skin normal h or colour b fair h.. plz btaiye. Abi hm lkme prfct radiance use kr rhe..

    • The Blah Queen

      Tulika, the shade will depend on you complexion, as I do not know about that I will not be able to help you,you can try at any lakme store or outlet at any mall before buying it

  • shabreen

    hi iam new to this site I don’t know my skin type sometimes it look dry sometimes it look oily .now iam using lakme perfect radiance day cream .at july my wedding is there so which cream is best and tell my skin type also

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Shabreen, you have a combination skin. Lakme perfect radiance is a good cream but I prefer Lakme CC cream and Olay white radiance day cream more. There are many great skin care products available, so it will be difficult to pin point on one cream which would be best for you – Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin is a good option for combination skin too. I would suggest you follow a complete beauty regime, instead of using only one day cream, if you are looking for good results before your wedding.

  • Maisha Farzana

    Hi there,
    I have combination of oily and dry skin. And it is acne prone in winter days. Can you please suggest me whether i can apply it into my skin or not?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Manisha, you can use this cream, it doesn’t cause acne

  • Roshana

    I don’t know about BB and CC cream. Can you tell me when should I use BB and CC cream?

  • heena

    hiiii. madam I want to bcome a fair can I use lakme cc cream ….will I become a fairrr plzzz tell me

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Heena, I do not believe any cream can make anyone fair, it just adds a glow and brightness to your skin. CC cream is a cream plus foundation, it will make you one shade lighter for sometime, but not fair

  • Samreen

    Hey, my complexion is fair and i don’t know, is it dry or oily :p bcoz sometimes it becomes so oily and sometimes so dry. What should i do?
    And i also want to know that lakme cc cream is better or ponds white beauty bb+ fairness cream for me?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Samreen, you may have combination skin. As you are fair,please check if the shades of CC cream suit you before buying. Personally I prefer CC cream more, ponds BB cream left a white cast on my face and it gets too dry and flaky too.

  • Tanzina Ahmed

    Hello :) I’m from Bangladesh . my skins colour is light dark . so I want to know which coloured shade of cc cream is perfect for me ? I think bronze shade may looks more darker but I want lighter skin so what is your advice about it ? :)

    • The Blah Queen

      I think you should use Bronze,Beige may leave a white caste and you will look unnaturally white

  • Tanzina Ahmed

    Can I use this CC cream in daily basis And I have one more problem here in our country very hard to get original product so in which way can I buy original product from the lakme company from India ? :)

    • The Blah Queen

      Yes,you can use it on daily basis. I am really sorry there is no direct Lakme website, you can buy if from of the Lakme stores, but I do not know if you have any in Bangladesh

  • jas

    Having pimples …whether I can use it cc cream because if I use any new it will get allergic so suggest me,

    • The Blah Queen

      If you have a lot of pimples, it is suggested you don’t use any cosmetics. I would recommend you test the cc cream on your skin for few days before using it full fledgedly. And as your complexion is on the darker side, you should use the shade Bronze

  • jas

    My skin little dark so which cc cream

  • Fariha

    Hello.. I m from Pakistan…I have fair and white skin and I use vaseline healthy white as my daily moisturizing lotion… I used Garnier BB cream once,was looking good but little caky… soooo the blah blah blah Queen plzzz tell me can I use CC cream daily or just on parties?????? and also tell me its price and where it would be available at Pakistan…
    waiting for your reply… thanks…:)

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Fariha, You can use CC cream regularly, especially if you are heading out. In India it costs Rs 250, I am extremely sorry I will not be able to help you on where and at what price you will find in Pakistan.

  • Anonymous

    This shade is way too light for you. Get bronze.

  • Fariha

    Thanks queen :) and its ok:) I wish I could find it here….

  • Meghana

    hey, are the shades mention on the pack? I want to buy the bronze shade.

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Meghana the shades are mentioned on the packs, so it will not be an issue to find the correct one :)

  • Khushbu


    Hi I have a Wheaties complexion and i want to use this lakme cc cream so which cc cream i should buy is their any specific cream in this product or how should i apply this and i also have t zone oily skin and after cc which compact should i use please suggest

    • The Blah Queen

      You need to check for the shade at the lakme beauty counter I think bronze will go with ur skin tone, but without actually seeing your complexion, it is difficult to judge.Apply directions are mentioned on the pack. You can use loose powder on top from Mac or inglot. If you want to use a compact, you can go for lakme or Mac

  • Manisha

    hey hi.. I hav oily skin. And I hav acne too. My skin tone is not much fair and not dark too. I hav a skin tone lik medium white acoording to indian color. So does Lakeme CC Cream suits me? And which one should I choose either bronze or beige?

    • The Blah Queen

      Without actually seeing you, it is very difficult to judge which shade will suit you. Lakme CC cream is color correcting cream which helps in getting even skin tone and gives an instant glow. It does not reduce achne, it can however help in giving some coverage

  • Manisha

    wil this cream take away the acne frm my face??

  • mounika

    Hi I have a little dry skin and little oily so i would like to know after applying this cream after how many minutes should I wait to apply compact and also are there any side effects and if I M using moisturiser can I use lotus moisturiser because I have that

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Mounika, I have been using this cream for over a year now, I have faced no side effects yet !! You should wait for a minute or so.Initially when you apply the cream you may feel a little whitecast on your face which will disappear in a minute or so when the cream blends in. After that you can apply a compact. If the lotus moisturiser is suiting your skikn, you should stick to it :)

  • http://gmail Shivani

    Hey,my skin sweats very much.So,can i use lakme cc cream.

    • The Blah Queen

      Yes you can, but will need a compact or blotting paper to control the shine

  • Sp

    Hey, I have an oily skin and i am currently using Ponds White Beauty. I have a dusky complexion. I use creams so that i dont look dark due to development of oil over d time of the day. So how will CC cream help me? I dont wanto look madeup or artificial

    • The Blah Queen

      Lakme CC cream has the benefits of the cream with a hint of make up. It will not make you look made up or artificial, if you use the correct shade. It just provides a good base and gives a glow to the face.It will also help you hide light blemishes. But as you have oily skin, you will need to control the shine with a compact after 2-3 hours

  • Sp

    But does CC Cream look like foundation cream on face?? Or is nude is it transparent?

    • The Blah Queen

      It does not look like foundation on the face.When you apply at first there maybe a white cast for a minute or so but after that it will give a nude /transparent finish with a healthy glow.

  • tanimauj

    Hey, mi skin has gt few horrbl prblms smthng like ringwarm bt it smtyms occure n smtym nt. So cn u tell be wl i b able to use cc m 21+ pls hlp i wana luk gud in durga puja.

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey tanimauj, I think you should consult a dermatologist if the problems are re – occurring. Personally I haven’t felt any problem after using this CC cream but as you have lot of skin problems its better to test it for 2-3 days, if it suits your skin you can use it on a regular basis :)

  • Sp

    Heyyy, blahqueen, I just bought the cream sday. I used it today and found it fantastic. I have few marks due to pimples on my cheeks. This cream just did a wonderful job. These marks dint show up even at the late hours of the day. Also i used white powder and it looked fine. As suggested i purchased the cream from lifestyle outlet. The bronze shade. Lovely, i looked radiant. Thanks!! :-)

    • The Blah Queen

      you are welcome :)

  • Kankana Banerjee

    As you said that cc cream doesn’t work well on dark spots n pigmentations so which will be the right lakme product to cure these problems?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Kankana, it does work on light blemishes but for darker marks and pigmentation then using a concealer is the best way to hide them. As far as getting rid of them is concerned,you need a specific dark spots corrector.I do not think lakme has one.

  • roshni

    which 1 is the best for oily + sensitive skin….BB or CC?????????

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey roshni, depends upon the product in particular, broadly both BB n CC cream work. You need to check which CC or BB cream will suit your skin

  • Humble

    If I use any cream on my skin it does not dissolve my skin is not very dry I have use BB cream but it does not work what should I use?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Humble sorry for the delayed response. You need to make sure to spread it nicely. Try using a regular moisturizer before applying these cream. Which BB cream are you using??

  • roshni

    my skin sooooooooo oily plz tell me can i use lakme cc???

    • The Blah Queen

      You can use Lakme CC cream but you may need to control the shine with a compact time to time :)

  • jeni

    hi i am going to use lakme cc cream first time so tell me which moisture will suit for me.. i am dry and fair skin pls tell me

    • The Blah Queen

      There are many moisturizers available in the market, go for one which suits your skin – Lakme Fruit Moisturizers, one from Vichy or the range of moisturizers from the body shop too


    I am 21 year old with fair combination skin type. I actually use Acnemoist and Dermadew cream told by Dermatologist. Now there is no skin problem of mine. May I use this daily after bathing and before sleeping?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Ayan, this is a day cream, so applying it before going to bed does not make sense. You can use it regularly during day time, however as you have sensitive skin you need to be a little careful.

  • http://gmail sowjanya

    heyy queen…. how r u?? welll…. i have gold colored skin with light dark circles… i hav used ponds bb cream… it was bad on my skin… now.. im planning to use this cc.. will it suits for my skin?? will it improves the skin tone?? plz recommend me whether bronze or beige for my golden skin color….

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey Sowjanya, without actually looking at a picture of you I can’t comment at the shade of the cc cream that will suit you.Its better you get it swatched at the lakme store/counter before buying one. It will be able to hide light dark circles and even out your skin tone but it will not improve your skin tone in the long run or make you fair.

  • kiran sah

    is this is useful for oily skin as i m having oily skin.

    • The Blah Queen

      You can use this cc cream but during summers you will need a compact or blotting paper to control the shine :)

  • rUsh

    Do we have any gel based cc in the market ?

    • The Blah Queen

      I don’t think so :)

  • arti

    hey i am arti and my problme that my skin complexion is some wheatish some broweny like tening types and littilbit oliy not more so can i use CC Cream ? if i use so which moisturizer use with CC cream And can allso it use on nack ?

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey arti, yes you can use CC cream. As your skin is oily you will not need extra moisturizer.Its made for face, but you can use it on neck to even out the skin tone

  • arti

    plzzzz reply me as soon as possible bcoz I am so tansd

  • Anonymous

    From last 2 months I have lot of pumples ..Is it useful for me?????? If not then what will I try ??. My skin is sensitive and oily too.

    • The Blah Queen

      Hey this will not help you do away with pimples, for that you’ll have to use a specific face wash – himalaya or seba med both the face washes are effective. CC cream only helps in evening out skin tone and give a clearer and radiant skin. It also acts as an everyday make up base.