Say Yes To Shaving and Subscribe To Smooth With Gillette Venus

Say Yes To Shaving and Subscribe To Smooth With Gillette Venus

Its time to update you all about my shaving experience with Gillette Venus again. I have been diligently using the Venus razor for a little more than a moth now and have been amazed by how easy and painless hair removal has been for me.

My Gillette Venus Experience Week 2

Loads of you have asked me over this period of time whether shaving caused me any nicks and cuts all the time, well the answer is No !! Shaving does not cause nicks and cuts always, but if you are using a dull and rusted razor chances are you will end up with loads of cuts. So be very careful while choosing a razor. Do not use a razor which has been lying in your bathroom for months. A sharp, fresh razor with three or more blades will give you a cleaner, closer shave and you’ll be less likely to cut yourself shaving. Exfoliation always helps with shaving also . It gets rid of any dry, dead skin cells and debris that could clog your razor and lead to shaving cuts. Moisturizing your skin with some cream or oil also prevents these nicks and cuts.


Like I said before I have been shaving for over a month now and my skin feels wonderful. If you take proper care and shave in the correct way, it causes no harm to the skin atall. Few things to remember while shaving are

  • Exfoliate before shaving
  • Use a moisturizer
  • Change your razor regularly

I now wonder why girls shy away from shaving ?? Is it fear of the millions of shaving myths passed on for years or the fear of trying something new?? Whatever the case maybe, I can assure you shaving is indeed one of the best method for hair removal for women.Its easy to do, painless, saves so much time, you can easily do at home at anytime you want and there aren’t any side effects on the skin. What else do you want??I am definitely a converted consumer now. Its time I said good bye to all the painful method of hair removal and #SubscribeToSmooth.

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