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Finally moving my blog to a new direction- my first make up tutorial. I am pretty new to this, so forgive my small errors. Any ways getting back, today I am going to share a simple winged eye liner tutorial with you all. Applying the eye liner in the same way all the time can be boring, so why not give it a little twist.It’s a surprisingly easy look to do it yourself with any eye liner. Liquid, gel and cream eye liners gives a precise, sharp line while pencil and eye shadow creates a soft line. I am going to share with you two winged eye liner looks. I did it without applying any eye shadow, you can apply an eye shadow and then create these looks too.


Simple winged eye liner


Step 1 : Start with a clean eye. Prim your eyes.


Step 2 :  Start the liner application along the upper lash line from the centre of the lid. Keep the line as close to the lash line as possible. There should be no gaps between the lash line and the liner.


Step 3: Once you reach the outer edge of your lash line, draw a diagonal line in the direction of where your eyebrow ends. So basically, the ‘wing’ of the liner should be pointing towards the outer most tip of your eye brow.Now go back in and complete the line from the centre of the lid to the inner tip. 


Step 4 : Apply some kohl on your lower lash line and mascara if you want (I usually don’t).This completes your simple (thin) winged eye look.


 ( PS. The most important thing to master while working on the winged liner is getting the angle of the wing right. If you have difficulty in getting a neat line you can use a cello tape, or something like a visiting card as a guideline.)





2. Broad Winged Eyes or Cat Eyes


Step 1 : Gently drag the pen along the lashline and past the top outer corner of your eye


Step 2 : Once you reach the outer edge of your lash line, draw a diagonal line in the direction of where your eyebrow ends.


Step 3 : Now, with your eyes closed (the eye you’re applying liner to), put your pointer finger  on your brow bone and slightly pull your lid upward so your skin is slightly taut. With your other hand, starting from the top of the wing, draw a straight line ending at the middle of your lid. 


Step 4 : Now fill inside the lines. This completed your broad winged eyes or cat eyes look.


(PS. It does take a lot of practice to perfect this look, so do not be discouraged  if you don’t get it right the first time, infact even regulars goof up sometimes)






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