What Are Your Skirts And Shorts Are Saying About You

What Are Your Skirts And Shorts Are Saying About You

There is no doubt that your wardrobe says a lot about you.What you wear is an expression of who you think you are and how you want others to perceive you.What you wear can inform passersby of your type of employment, emotions,spending habits and sense of style. Many a times you  must have walked down the street & made a judgement call on someone else, solely based on what they’re wearing. Seems rude but its soo true.

Style has many interpretations, and it can be expressed and perceived differently depending on who’s expressing and who’s observing. Today I am going to share my insights about what some kinds of skirts and shorts have to say about your personality and style.Know more about skirts and shorts through this video

Maxi Skirts – The maxi is a long skirt, falling from the waist to the ankle, and not showing any legs.It depicts a woman who is  easy going and fun.Her style is more casual and creative with a touch of tradition.They have a hint of Boho and gypsy in them, and like to be trendy without putting in too much effort.

Aren’t these maxi skirts from Fab Alley wonderful?? The polka dot maxi skirt is fun and creative while the aztec colorful skirt has a boho written all over it.

fab alley

Pencil Skirt – Pencil skirts hug your body perfectly, which implies you are confident enough to flaunt your shape and figure.They are office appropriate, still feminine which means you are very professional and love to put down your foot on things that matter.A pencil skirt is sexy without showing a lot of legs and well suited for all ages. Be it a girl in her teens or a woman in her 30’s it works for everyone.

Check out these amazing pencil skirts from Kaaryah 


Flared Skirt – A Flared skirt is playful and and flowy. A woman who loves wearing a flared skirt is very youthful and young at heart. She loves fashion but comfort is still her priority.

The Vanca has a large variety of flared skirts in their collection , from short to long, floral to prints they have got it all.

The Vanca

Denim Shorts – Denim shorts are one of the most wide-spread, popular, effective, and universal pieces of clothing.They are really cool and comfy to be worn for any style and any purpose and they form a never fading fashion trend. They generally depict fun loving and high spirited personalities who are self confident.Cool and chic is the term to define their style and fashion.

ONLY is my favorite brand for denim shorts. Check out some pieces from their new collection.


Printed Shorts – Colorful and experimental are the appropriate words to describe lovers of printed shorts. A woman who loves to try new things will never refrain from wearing printed shorts.

Belle Fille has loads of printed shorts – florals, polka dots,words and many more. They have a galore of prints to choose from.

belle fillie


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