You Make Me Happy

You Make me Happy

I think happiness is that makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful.

– Drew Barrymore

With lots of my friends indulging themselves in the challenge called 100 Days of Happiness, it made me wonder about all those small things in life that has the power to make us happy but we are too involved in shallow things to actually stop and realise.

The smell of cupcakes, flipping through old photos, meeting friends after a long time, getting drenched in the rain, going for a long walk, reading a book by the window while its raining outside and sipping hot chocolate, watching your dog play. There are a million small things that make you happy. All you have to do is stop and realise.

 Tell me one small thing that makes you happy. Till then Stay Aware and Stay Stylish

You Make me Happy

You Make me Happy4

You Make me Happy3

You Make me Happy2

You Make me Happy1

Much Love


Author: Archita

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  1. Loved the skirt..stripes are my weakness :p

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  2. thanks guys..I’M glad you liked it..
    @Ruhi – Thanks for making me ‘Diva of the Month’ 🙂

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